The florentine patrician families's private archives

Florence and Tuscany have a source of pride in hosting a set of private family archives that has no matches in Italy in quantity and quality of the documents taken care of. In these archives it is possible to find any kind of correspondence, collection of letters, business books, drowings, land registers and generally speaking, historical documents relating to a period of at least seven hundred years, from the 13th to the 19th century. These documents concern not only family events, but also leading characters of the political, social and economic life of the period. Nevertheless this archive is still too little known, and used, by scholars worldwide, both because they are not enough known, and because of the various difficulties encountered in accessing them.

This site's purpose is to make an inventory of the private archives accessible, so as to make it possible for all scholars in the world to get copies of the documents.

Ideazione e testi Andrea Moroni

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