Archivio storico Naldini

Collection features
The Naldini Del Riccio Archive keeps about 1000 pieces, between files and records that come from the Nerli, Marzimedici, Del Riccio, Naldini and Alamanni families. The archive was severely damaged during the 1966 Florence flood. In particular the Alamanni fund, that is still waiting to be reordered and restored. Up to now only the Naldini del Riccio part is newly available, but nevertheless it consists in 750 pieces, that is 1650 archivist units, that cover the 14th-19th century period and anyway represents the more consistent part of the collection.
The Nerli, Marzimedici and Del Riccio's family archives came together during the centuries in the Naldini's hands. This family changed name into Naldini Del Riccio by the end of the 18th century, just when they were inheriting all the possessions. Between the late 19th century and the early 20th this archive went, along with the Alamanni one, to the Niccolini's cadet branch.

The Naldini Del Riccio archive is divided in four funds:

  • Nerli: 45 records (management books, trade books, letters) and 6 files of free papers (trials, receipts, letters).
  • Marzimedici: 34 records (management books, trade books, letters) and 37 files of free papers among which four files of letters to senator Cristofano Marzimedici of the 1720-1736 period and two files of prose, poetry and other works.
  • Naldini: about 140 records and 220 files of free papers. Among the records there is a rich collection of records of 16th century mercantile societies (Belcari from 1510 to 1519, Boscoli from 1513 to 1522 and most of all Melchiorre de Astudillo that includes 24 records of letters, two books of memories and 15 business books, from 1559 to 1608). Among the free papers there is a file of mercantile letters sent to and from a Florentine company operating in Toulouse and its Tuscan correspondents (1506-1511), in addition to the rich documentation on the various possessions.
  • Del Riccio: about 260 records and 100 files of free papers. Among the records, in addition to management books, there is a thick collection of trade books: about 60 volumes between debtor-creditor books, exchange memories, letters etc. of the 16th-17th century. An important collection of mercantile letters relates to these books: that is 17 files of 1550-1617 letters. Also important is, in general, the collection of letters: 44 files of letters of various members of the family from 1548 to 1764. In particular the 18th century part and the documents on Leonardo Del Riccio are very interesting

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