It is possible to order reproductions of the material kept in the archives. The orders must be sent by e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
It is possible to order copies, microfilms and photos. Anyhow, due to the peculiarity of the documentation, the association reserves the right to except from copying documents in a bad state of preservation. For thick or particularly complex orders specific cost estimates will be done.  

Among the provided services there is the possibility to do searches for a specific topic: from the count up of the papers in a file up to their exact datation, from content regest of a document up to all sorts of advanced searches (records examination, searches by subject etc.) according to fares reported below.


Note: for reproductions that may require a specific research or a selection of the documents to be copied (for example in a set of letters covering the period 1500-1550 you only need the ones between 1530-1540, or just the ones related to a certain subject etc.) an extra research fare (see below) will be applied if the research needs more than 30 minutes.


Size Fare
Euros Dollars
A4 (one side and front/verso) 0,31 0,26
A3 (one side and front/verso) 0,41 0,35

Minimum order: 23 €, 20 $.

Type of document Fare
Euros Dollars
Free papers single 0,78 0,65
Free papers double 1,55 1,30
Bound manuscript 1,55 1,30

Black & white photos

Size Fare
Euros Dollars
18x24 17,00 15,00
24x30 20,66 17,39
30x40 25,82 21,74

Colour photos

Size Fare
Euros Dollars
18x24 40,80 34,34
24x30 45,45 38,26
30x40 51,65 43,48


By agreement by e-mail any kind of search is provided for 40$ per hour (45 euros).


The duplicates of the documents may be used according to the standard consultation procedures used generally (quotation of the archive and of the site). The license to publish the copied documents (and in particular photos) is subject to approval by the owners of the archives in which the same documents are kept. Owners may claim a copyright for publications (the shown fares allow only one publication). Document is to be intended each single letter or free paper, or documents made up of more than a paper, bounded or not, relating to the same subject (reports, possessions records etc.).

A copy of all the publications made thanks to the documents provided by the site must be sent free to the web master as soon as it is published.

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