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Free papers
The Niccolini Archive is kept about 1100 files estimated to contain a resource of almost one million documents from 14th to 19th century.
These papers are divided in three sections:
  • Ancient: 330 files containing papers relating to family members, wealth, trials and correspondence from the 14th to the 18th century.
  • Receipts and documents about farm management: 140 files containing farms balances (mostly 18th century) and receipts (mostly 18th century).
  • Modern: about 250 files containing papers of the 19th century.

350 account books are kept divided in two sections:
  • Ancient Records: 256 between memories, account books (Debitors creditors, Daybooks, Cashbooks) and letters records from 1345 to 1806. The volumes, usually of great consistence, are made up of an average of 150-200 papers
  • Modern Records (not yet catalogued): about 50 records of the 19th century (Ledgers, cashbooks, balances).
L'archivio Niccolini
The Niccolini Archive

Lettera di Girolamo Savonarola ad Agnolo Niccolini
Letter from Girolamo Savonarola
to Agnolo Niccolini

Lettera di Carlo VIII di Francia a Agnolo Niccolini
Letter from Charles VIII of France
to Agnolo Niccolini

Una pergamena del XIII secolo
A 13th century parchment

Of a great number (about 1300, kept in 29 wood cases) are the parchments of the Archivio Niccolini di Firenze.
The period covered by this collection goes from December the 28th 796, but obviously they are not spread in the same way along the centuries: the 13th century parchments are 20, those of the 14th century are about 130, in the 15th century they are about 320, 530 in the 16th century, 260 in the 17th and 70 in the 18th century.

At the time being on-line can be found:
Free papers: Ancient fund (333files, 13th - 18th century);
Ancient Records (256);
Parchments (setting in progress).

Features of the on-line documents
Free papers, Ancient fund
This is a collection of familiar, political and estate documents. Between the family's ones there are marriage, testamentary and other documents on the origin of the family, family trees, titles of nobility etc. Many are also the documents about single members of the family (purchases, inheritances etc.). Among these there is the documentation on members of the family who played a leading role in the political scene of Florence between the 15th and 18th century.

In particular the collection of letters kept in this archive is of great importance, starting from the thick correspondence of about 600 letters to Otto di Lapo Niccolini and his sons Agnolo (1445-1499) and Giovanni (Archbishop of Amalfi), containing letters from, above others, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Cosimo il Vecchio, Piero de' Medici, Matteo Palmieri, Bernardo Corbinelli, Feo Belcari, Mario Benvenuti, Girolamo Savonarola, Francesco Maria Sforza, Carlo VIII.
Also important are the documents concerning Agnolo di Matteo Niccolini (1502-1567), ambassador of Cosimo I in Siena, then first governor of the city after its annexation to the dukedom, then again cardinal and archbishop of Pisa. In the Niccolini archive there are 17 records of letters, licenses, orders, decrees etc. of Agnolo as governor of Siena; 13 files of letters (about 10000 between sent and received) exchanged with personalities such as Cosimo I de' Medici or Giorgio Vasari; another 2 files of memories on the government of Siena and one file of personal papers.
Another rich collection of letters is the one belonging to Agnolo's son, Giovanni, where you can find letters of artists such as Giovanni Antonio Dosio.
Lastly, between other correspondence kept here, some is worth noting: 11 files of letters of Monsignor Francesco Niccolini (1639-1692), vice legate in Avignon, Papal Nuncio in Portugal and France, and 33 files of letters to Antonio Niccolini (1701-1770).
To sum up, the Niccolini Archive keeps the correspondence of the main personalities of the family from 1450 to 1770. It is a huge collection of about 50000 letters divided in 90 files that cover a 3 centuries history.

Among the property record there are some papers concerning immovables of the family (farms, houses, palaces), documents on the Ponsacco marquisate, tithes, investments etc.

23 files concern other families (Arrighi, Bandini, Benvenuti, Del Bufalo, Franceschi, Gherardi, Iacobilli, Da Montauto, Vitelli, Nenciuoli), whose possessions were taken over totally or in part from the Niccolinis.

67 files keep the acts of trials and forensic documents of the Niccolini family.

Ancient records
These are 256 ancient records (14th 18th century) added to the inventory. The most ancient ones are some memories books of the late 14th - early 15th century. From the end of the 16th century we have all the business books of the various members of the family (mostly account books, debitors creditors books, daybooks, cashbooks). There are also:
  • One 1502 priory;
  • One 17th century copy of the Otto di Lapo Niccolini legal consultations;
  • Memories of Paolo di Lapo Niccolini from 1429 to 1481;
  • 10 record of letters of Agnolo Niccolini, governor of Siena, from 1538 to 1567;
  • 7 records of orders, laws, proclamations etc. of Agnolo Niccolini as governor of Siena.
In the end, there are other letters of other members of the family, inheritance inventories, trade journals and various other records.

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