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The Project

The Associazione Archivi Storici delle Famiglie was established on June 16th, 2016 by 5 owners of family archives.

Its main purpose is to facilitate knowledge of the documents contained in the archives and to promote understanding of the archival heritage.

Meetings between owners, scholars and citizens are already taking place within the Associazione.

In future we plan to implement the database that describes part of the documents of the Naldini and Niccolini archives, beginning with the archives Alamanni, Baldovinetti Tolomei, Barbolani di Montauto, Bardi di Vernio, Guicciardini di Lungarno and Velluti Zati, followed by the archives of others wishing to pursue our expressed goals.

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To offer owners and custodians of private family archives the opportunity to enhance their historical and cultural heritage through a website and, at the same time, offer users the opportunity to discover and study documents that are difficult to access.

New Archives
It is possible to request the inclusion of one’s archives in the database of the site "", after arranging for the documents’ reorganization and description, and on condition of joining the Associazione Archivi Storici delle Famiglie. See the Statutes above.

The "" project was initiated in 1999 by Lorenzo and Filippo Niccolini, owners of family archives, and by Andrea Moroni, historian and archivist, with the technical support of a company in the sector. Over time the site was able to acquire prestige on the web but not fully to develop all its potential. Initially, the project involved publishing online descriptions of the documents contained in ten archives; when it ran out of economic resources, it had in fact to stop with the description of the Naldini and Niccolini archives. The desirability of the venture was however confirmed by the numerous contacts and requests that came from without.

Since 2011, archivists, systems engineers and computer experts solicited by members of the Archivi Storici delle Famiglie have taken over the project and have outlined its new characteristics.

State of the art
In 2017 the Associazione Archivi Storici delle Famiglie, with the support of the Fondazione CR Firenze, set up the programme currently employed by the website "".

The database is now being supplied with data from further archives, in addition to those already included, with a view to facilitate their quick and effective consultation and to offer research, support and photo-reproduction services.

The Soprintendenza Archivistica e Bibliografica per la Toscana has already formally expressed its support for the project which has been designed in compliance with Italian and European laws.